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Goals (from the Statutes of the Polish Bioethics Society, ch. II, art. 9):

1. The basic goal of the Society is diversified activity aimed at integrating the Polish bioethical community, reaching a better understanding of ethical problems that arise as a result of developments in the biomedical sciences and finding responsible solutions for them, and addressing other problems in the philosophy of medicine and the philosophy of biology.

2. The particular goals of the Society include the following:

1. research - above all initiating, supporting, and coordinating research in various academic disciplines - biomedical, legal, and socio-philosophical - that are of importance to bioethics;

2. educational - bioethical education at various levels and in various professional domains;

3. public communication - informing the general public and increasing social awareness regarding bioethical issues;

4. mediation and formation of public opinion - encouraging and sustaining rational discourse between representatives of various world views, helping to achieve social consensus on issues in bioethics where a clear solution cannot be reached by purely scientific means;

5. advice and consultation - cooperation with state and local government institutions, as well as with non-governmental organizations, to solve practical bioethical problems having to do with both the establishment and the application of suitable legal regulations